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Wednesday, 27 January 2010 18:08

Hello first blog of 2010! Hey guys! Ok....so wow! What have I been up to since my last June blog? (I promise to write sooner next time! )

Well…as most of you know I got back from my wonderful experience at “Caroline or Change” in MN with bells on! I just had such a lovely time there! A memorable experience that will always be with me. After that I did “Vanities” at Second Stage. That was very short lived, but still was a good time with some great friends. My dear friend Katie Adams was there with me which made it all worth while!

We rehearsed twice and never went on. Kind of a weird gig but it was work for a bit then it became clear we would never go on, so then it just became a nice chill time with my friend while we got paid…which isn't bad. Also was with the wonderful Lauren Kennedy of whom I adore and got to become closer friends with. So overall…grateful for “Vanities,” but was ok with moving on from it since I wasn't really working and I do prefer actually being onstage as opposed to off.

Something that was fun for me in the months to follow was all the readings I was doing. I got swamped with many readings and concert appearances which are always fun. I love creating new roles and singing new music. Some favorites were the “The Jerusalem Syndrome” and “The Beaten Path.” Also “Salvage” which was extra fun because it was a mini BKLYN reunion. I was part of the gospel trio with Romelda Benjamin and Ramona Keller. Screaming my face off with those girls took me back to our BKLYN days. Love them! That was such fun and such a talented group of peeps! - I just love doing these readings and new composers concerts because the material is so fresh and the writers are so excited! The creativity is overflowing and the enthusiasm is so alive. That is one my goals. To continue to create new roles and work on new pieces until when, finally one hits, and I get to create it on Bdway. It will happen people….just a matter of time! I trust my time is a-comin!

In between all these readings I had a quick revisit to the world of Wicked as most of you know. And I must say, I wasn't sure about that experience and how I would feel. Stepping back into standing by, which is something that has been hard for me with that role because I love it so much and just want to be playing it all the time when I am there. But I will say the experience was good. I enjoyed being green again and seeing all my friends there. I was grateful for the times I got to perform her again and I just enjoyed it! I feel like that role was made for me and I can just live in it so easily. I think with the time I had taken away, it only gave me more perspective on the situation there and with that it allowed me more confidence to just be myself with her. I felt that since it was a short stint and I had pretty much closed the book on Wicked and released it after my past experiences with it…it was an opportunity to revisit it in a different headspace. With no pressure to “be” anything. I felt free in my interpretation of the role and I felt for the first time, the freedom to really do whatever I wanted. There was no one hanging over me giving me notes and no pressure to “impress” anyone. I did it for me and it really was a freeing and wonderful feeling. In the past I was always “being considered” for the role…so I think I consistently felt a little pressure to “be” something for them. Like I had something to prove. And I think the most valuable thing I have gotten from Wicked (besides meeting my boyfriend. Met him thru Bdway bowling league while bowling for Wicked. Thank you Wicked ;-) ) is that you don't need to be anything but yourself. I can't be trying to “impress” anyone. That is not what an actor does. You are who you are and you bring to it what you bring to it. Not saying there isn't always more to learn and ways to get better and grow and improve on what you do….but there is a truth and freedom to owning who you are and what YOU bring to a role. And trusting and knowing that it is good….and good enough…even when things don't go your way (ie: taking over the role) It does not mean that I am not a great Elphaba and I think I was able to really live in that for the first time on this short visit back and it was a wonderful feeling. I had great performances and I was ok letting her go. Knowing that if I revisit her again it will be a wonderful thing, but that I don't need to. That I have played that role, even if technically I was stand by….I have PLAYED that role in my mind. And I am a great Elphaba and I was really at peace with that when I left. And it felt good.

Now onto what is next! First I am heading to North Carolina to do “The Full Monty” which should be a blast! Wonderful cast, fun show! Very short gig…only 3 weeks. So I don't have to be away too long, which makes me happy. Sally Struthers is in the cast and I hear she is a riot! Very excited for this little get away.

And one more very important update…. THE ALBUM!!! It is happening folks!! For reals! I am deep in the thick of choosing tunes. I am having meetings with my MD James Sampliner. This is gonna be a rockin album guys!! I am so thrilled for it and the hope is to have an album come Christmas of 2010! So get ready! Woohooo!!!

Thanks for all the love as always. I promise, as I always do, to try to be better about blogging! I thank you for the reminders…keep em comin and I will try to write more! I also want to get some solo shows in when I get back. Perhaps a jazz gig or me playing the guitar or something. I love those solo shows cause they challenge me and allow me to just do whatever I want to do…and I like that! So stay tuned!! Much going on in 2010 and it's gonna be a great year!!!


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