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Wednesday, 03 June 2009 18:12

Hello guys!! So…I have been hanging in Minnesota! It's been freezing, it's been sunny, it's been windy, it's been rainy. They do like their weather here in Minneapolis. Overall, it is a great town with such a diverse culture and a very rich arts community. They really have it going on here. No wonder The Guthrie is such a renowned place to work. The theatre is simply incredible. They treat us like gold and the talent is amazing.


There are only five cast members from the city. The rest are locals, so it just shows how much talent they have in this city. The cast has been incredible and we have been having the best time. It has been such a wonderful experience to work on such a complex and beautiful piece. Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori both worked with us. Tony has been here a lot, as he is also working on his world premiere play that is part of the Kushner celebration here this summer. It has just been such a special time to be here and to be a part of this! I feel so honored and happy that I am included amongst such amazing artists! (I'm using lots of explanation marks. I know. I can't help it!! It's been an exciting time!!!)

Rose has been such a wonderful character to play. I have discovered new things every night and it has been so great to PERFORM every night. As you all know, I'm used to being thrown on at the last minute and waiting to get my shot, so it has been a nice change of pace to get to work every night. This is where the true joy lies for me. Exploring a character every night and letting it morph into deeper and richer places as you go. It's been such fun and I'm just so lucky to have been a part of this awesome piece.

So…lots of joy around this entire show huh? I am sure grateful right now. And next is HOME!! I am so grateful for that too! I have had a wonderful time, but I am ready to get to my city and my friends and my boy! I am going to be joining the cast of “Vanities” next. I will be standing by with my dear friend Katie Adams! If I have to be sitting on the sidelines, she is the girl I want to be with!! So hopefully we will see some stage action in this very short run at Second Stage. The play is a beautiful story about three woman and their friendship throughout the years. It's a very talented group that I'm proud to be a part of. So I'm anxious to get to work on the next thing. We're running at Second Stage June 30- Aug.8.

Wish I had some crazy stories of when the lift didn't work or the fog was too thick to see…but “Caroline or Change” isn't really that type of show. It has been pretty smooth sailing. Just lots of great moments on stage and a solid run of a show. The most dramatic thing for me was when the broom fell and scared me half to death when I was singing. Ha! Oh…and when I forgot to zip the back of my skirt up and the audience got to see my slip thru a whole scene. Very exciting stuff! Hee hee

So onto the next one. Stay tuned. I will try to update the blog soon…I know I always take forever. So I'm on it!! Thanks as always for all the support and love!! Cheers to summer and getting home to NYC!!


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