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Thursday, 24 July 2008 14:07

Julie Reiber Wicked EphabaHi guys. I've been getting some requests for another blog…so here I am! I've been really lucky. I've been going on a lot this last month which makes me so happy! I sure love getting green. And along with that has come some pretty fun and challenging snafu's!

As many of you fans know one night I did not get to fly. This happens randomly once in a blue moon and it just happened to happen to me. But it's live theatre…the show must go on! So it did!

The story behind it goes like this: Kendra and I were out front singing and all of a sudden we hear a big crunching sound and the tech guys hollering (well whispering cause they're on stage…but panicked whispers) that something was wrong with the levitator. That is the machine that makes me fly at the end of Act 2. Kendra was looking at me and squeezing my hand so hard as if to, through telepathy, tell me that I wasn't gonna be flying! So I turned to go back to the levitator and yup…no levitator to be found. Now…I had seen this happen to Eden one time and she told me that if it does happen you just work it out on the floor and sing your face off. Riff to high heaven to make up for it. So…that's exactly what I did! I actually don't even know what I did. I think I spun around and I definitely sang it with some extra sass. It's much easier to wail on that thing when you are grounded and free of the confinements of the levitator.

When we are up there our feet are pretty much glued together and you can't move any of your lower body, so it's tough to wail that out when you aren't free to move around! I realized how much it restricts us once I was free to fly on the ground! So I just whipped around and gave it all I had. The ensemble was laying on the floor as if to “look” up at me…which makes me laugh a bit when I think about it. And the smoke was double what it usually is. I think they pumped that stuff full on to help with the illusion. And to be honest, I'm sure if you didn't know that I was supposed to fly, it was probably still quite impressive, so don't worry if you missed it….but come again and I'm almost positive I will fly that time for ya!

The second fun snafu I have experienced since joining this company is a snafu that not many Ephaba's get to experience. This was a challenging one and one that we didn't really have a back up plan for yet, so we were definitely flying by the seat of our pants. So…you know for the top of “No Good Deed” when I come up in the lift through the stage. Well….one night I was down there ready to go and yup you guessed it…. It wasn't moving. The music was playing and I was not rising up. Everyone started talking on their headsets trying to figure out how to get me up there. I remembered that in L.A. the back up plan was that the orchestra would vamp until I could get upstairs, then we would start the song. So we're running around and they decide to put me up through the Defying Gravity trap that is on the down left cog. They open it and everyone is talking at once and all I'm hearing is “It's open Julie. Trap is open.” I knew I had to get on stage so I headed up (which was not easy mind you because the second act dress IS NOT meant to go up that tiny staircase) But I went up and got on the stage and what do I see? SMOKE!! Smoke, smoke and more smoke. Seriously. I could not see a thing. And I know that some trap somewhere is open and I really don't want to fall down it so I head upstage as much as I can and I start in with “Elekenamen…” I start singing and a couple lines in I realize….the orchestra is half way through the song!! They did not vamp like I thought they would, they kept on going!! So I'm singing and I'm trying to switch notes around so that I'm not totally off with what they are playing and trying to figure out what I'm going to do all at the same time as continuing to sing and trying to find Dominick's head in the midst of the smoke fest! I can't see him and I'm guessing that the orchestra IS NOT going back to the top although I'm not with them, so then the theatre magic happens. You see…when you are an actor and you are on stage in front of people this amazing thing happens to you and that thing is: Adrenalin. Your brain and your body just take over and you seem to have an out of body experience which is exactly what I had. I wasn't quite sure what my mind and voice and body were doing…I was just letting it fly. SOMEHOW my brain, thank god, while singing the first verse figured out where they were musically. I'm not sure how or what I did, but supposedly I did a crazy riff that led me into the modulation which somehow got me back on track with the song! Whew!! That was a really long story I just realized, but in my mind that was everything I was going through. It was madness…but it was LIVE theatre baby!! And there is such a thrill to that…even when things go wrong!

So that's the latest! Be back soon and thanks, as always, for all the support and fan mail and gifts! You all are the best!! THANKS!! ….


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