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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 14:26

Hey everybody. So…I guess I didn't really do that great of a job at keeping a blog going during my time in L.A. huh? Sorry about that.

So…Wicked has been amazing. I have performed the role of Elphaba over 30 times. Not sure the exact count, but it's been a decent number. I definitely found my groove and I have fallen in love with her! It's just simply one of the best roles a woman can have the opportunity of playing for musical theatre. It's full of so many wonderful layers and moments….and then the songs! Well…it has been one of the greatest joys of my career getting to play her and I am going to miss it dearly!! I hope, I hope, I hope that I will get the opportunity again!
As most of you know, I am moving back to NY in a week. I'm going to miss L.A…and I NEVER thought I'd be saying that! It took me a while to warm up to this place, but I have. It has it's major perks…the weather, the hiking, driving your groceries home instead of lugging them down the city streets. The beach. I will miss it. But at the same time I am so very excited to get back to chilly NYC! And during the holidays!? No better time! I miss my apartment and the energy of the city. I can't wait to see my friends and to see what is coming up next for me!

Some of the highlights of my time in L.A. ? Well....the benefit I just did at the Alex Theatre was one of them. I was surrounded by amazing, talented people! My friends Emily Rozek and Chad Kimball were there. Also Alice Ripley and her husband Shannon who I hadn't seen in forever! It was just a fun night of singing amazing music. AND the best part for me was being able to sing for Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken. It meant so much to me to sing “The Wizard and I” for Stephen. He hadn't seen me in the show and since I'm leaving, it was just a really special opportunity for me. I had a blast and by the sounds of the crowd afterward, I think I impressed them!   Also meeting Bruce Kimmel. He was the organizer of the event. He is a record producer and writer and I am just so excited to have connected with him. He is so gracious and complimentary and I can't wait to work with him again. He says he wants me to sing on his albums and I will be there in a heartbeat! What an honor!

Hmmm….what else will I cherish from my time in L.A? Singing at Dodgers Stadium! That was a major highlight. What fun! Finally learning to play guitar! That was a major highlight and a goal I had been working on FOREVA!!   The Broadway Unplugged concert was terrific. Singing “By My Side” with Emily was a major highlight! Wicked Wednesdays at Universal were good fun. The crowds were crazy and it was especially fun to ride the Mummy!   Ummm….How about all the Upright Cabarets? Those were a blast. Imagine a very relaxed atmosphere, an extremely supportive crowd and a bunch of random, talented singers from all over the place coming together to sing. It's such a great time. Shane and Christopher have been so wonderful to me through my time here. I have sung at numerous Upright Shows and I think I may even be coming back to L.A. to do my solo show at some point too. Stay posted on that.

Oh…the fans!! You fans are no joke!! I can't thank you enough! They have been the most amazing, supportive group of people ever. I have never felt such love during a show…so thank you! They made me the most incredible scrapbook! I never would have made myself something like this, so THANK YOU!! It documents my entire time in L.A. There are pictures in there that I hadn't even seen! It's just beautiful. There are fan letters and programs. It's so special! I got a little stuffed witch bear that sings “Defying Gravity” with my voice, a Dorothy watch, flowers….etc, etc. The love has been never ending….so THANK YOU FANS!!!

And of course my new found friends. I'm gonna miss this cast so much. I will of course miss playing on stage with them. I will miss the many things that I did to bide the time while the show was going on….reading at Borders with Emily, Sushi with my friend Pat, Coffee Bean, Magnolia….the list goes on and on.

It's been grand L.A. Really it has! And I sure hope to revisit Wicked again soon! But I will be back in L.A. soon too. I won't be able to resist it now, with all my friends here!

So, on to new adventures and experiences!   But thank you L.A. for the amazing time and I will cherish it always!!