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Tuesday, 13 March 2007 14:29

Elphaba debut!!   Woohoo!  I HAD SO MUCH FUN!   What a blast!   What an incredible role and I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity.  I can't wait to get up there again!
I found out at about 5:15 for a 6:30 show on Sunday night, March 11th.  I was in the shower at my place, so I had to rush over, but I made it in time to get green! I hadn't had my official first rehearsal, so I was gonna be winging it a bit, but I had watched a ton and had music rehearsal. I also, luckily, rehearsed all the technical stuff and got to live in my costumes for a bit with quick change rehearsal.  So I felt as ready as I needed to be.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of an over achiever and perfectionist when it comes to work. I don't go on stage unless I can nail whatever I'm doing, so I've been downstairs in the little room going through the show with the monitor and making sure I was ready to go whenever she needed me. So when the call came I was nothing but excited and thrilled!

I rushed to the theatre and started getting green. I wasn't as nervous as I was expecting. With this kind of role, when such amazing people have played it and people compare you to all the other great girls, I guess I was expecting to be more intimidated. But when the moment finally came I felt at ease, very comfortable and I just breathed! I was especially comfortable when I made my first entrance.  For those of you that know the show, the crowd usually gives the green girl entrance applause, but I was preparing myself for silence, thinking the crowd would be disappointed that the standby was on….but they weren't! I ran out and they cheered like crazy!   And it felt so amazing!  I knew I was going to have an incredible show then and that they were behind me and supportive. Not to mention the amazing cast and crew of this show.. I felt only love and support from everyone of them which helps you along too that first time.

So…some highlights? Riding that lift up was amazing! I will say it is much easier in the show. When I first rode up in the light of rehearsal it was scary. You are so high!! But in the actual show with the smoke and lights, you can't see anything! So it's just an exciting moment that isn't scary at all…you just feel the power of that moment in the character and the show. It was awesome! The Wizard and I too. I just love that song. What a great song to open your show with.  Then there is No Good Deed. Well… those that have seen the show know that you come up from underneath the stage for this.  Well….you also have to run from onstage to the pit to get into that lift. It happens really fast and you are booking it in this 35 lb. dress you're wearing. I was just praying I was gonna make it…I ran as fast as I could.  I made it!! And that song is definitely a favorite. It's such a turning point for Elphaba and I could feel myself transforming in that song.  It was really fun!

So that's my night friends!   I just can't wait to go on again!!   Thank you to all who supported and have sent me emails and love.  I look forward to many more green girl nights!!   Come see me soon! ;)