December 9, 2011

Wassup everybody! It’s blog time! And yes…as usual…been way too long and much has happened. But I was a little busy making an album, getting married, doing some shows and shooting a commercial. So I have a little excuse at least ;-)

First and most importantly….I’m a married lady!! The wedding was amazing! We got married in the Catskills on Oct. 15, 2011. It was beautiful and perfect in every way. Happiest day of my life so far and I’m one lucky lady having found my man Rob Bennett. So all is wonderful and lovey dovey on the married front. Our honeymoon was lovely and much needed cruising wine country and down the PCH in CA, then onto Maui for a week. It was heaven…what a wonderful time in my life.

Right before the wedding I got to shoot a State Farm commercial with Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Now I’m sure all you football fans will think me a disgrace (I know my husband was ashamed) but I really didn’t know who Aaron Rodgers was before I shot this spot. But now I definitely know…he is only the best player in the NFL right now! And he’s a very cool guy! He was so great on set and the spot was a blast to shoot. It’s good fun having folks seeing me now and reaching out to say how much they love the spot. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out in the video section.

And since I’m working backwards….MY ALBUM!! I recorded my album!! Whhhaaa??!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! First of all, the experience of recording at Avatar studios in New York- we recorded in the legendary Studio A where such people as Madonna, John Mayer, Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, etc. have recorded. It was so special. I felt like a rock star! ;-) AND…who happens to be recording next door and stops by to say hi?....Miss Roberta Flack just happens to waltz over to see who is recording in Studio A. It was so amazing. There I was recording my debut album and Roberta Flack comes in to say hi and wish me luck. It was incredible. Such an amazing experience at Avatar that I will never forget.

We recorded all the music (13 tracks) in 2 days. It was pretty intense, but so thrilling. It’s such a creative high to be working on something like this. It’s so fulfilling and as an artist you feel so satisfied and alive. It was wonderful! The players on the album are all incredible pros that all play on Broadway or with big artists, so they were all flawless of course and added so much to the music.

I then had to wait to record my vocals because I had to run off to San Fran to do a show…but we will talk about that later. So the vocals….I recorded all the vocals at Rob’s Place Studios (my engineers house ;-) )….but he has the exact same microphone as the one we used at Avatar, so it sounds golden! And he’s Jennifer Hudson and Natasha Bedingfield’s engineer…so basically he’s a badass that is making me sound amazing no matter what I do. So lucky! So we recorded all the vocals to all 13 tracks in 6 days. A LOT OF SINGING!! And I always knew I was a perfectionist…but I didn’t realize I was that neurotic. It is really hard to listen to your own voice objectively and just hear it and not judge it. It was a very difficult, exhilarating, exciting, emotional experience for me. I gave it all I had every take and I am so proud of this album. James’s arrangements are out of control good and I think you will be so surprised by what you hear. ;-)

And what will you hear on the album?? Well…I’m not going to release the set list just yet…but VERY SOON!! Because I will be releasing in January…so just a little while more. But I’m really hoping you will find that there is something for everyone on this album. My taste and style of music and singing is all across the board. So much like my solo shows…the tunes span many different styles and genres…all with my own spin which is hopefully making them all work together on this album. I really did take the freedom to do whatever I wanted in regards to song choices and even though the tunes didn’t seem to fit together on paper…I really think that we have made them all work together with the arrangements and my style bringing them all together. It’s all very exciting and I just hope you all enjoy it. That’s what I want more than anything!

Ok…so that’s the album. Like I said…January 2012 release …I’m planning a big CD release party so get ready!! Hope to see you all there! ;-)

Now…what else? Oh yeah…I’m back on Broadway! I’m currently standing by in the new revival of “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” with Harry Connick Jr. The show is great fun and you all need to come see it! Hopefully when I’m on…but everyone is wonderful in the show so come regardless. Harry is terrific and such a nice guy. He has always had my favorite Christmas albums next to Ella Fitzgerald’s so it’s very cool to be working with him! I’ve always been a fan. ;-) Come see the show!

And finally working back…Tales of the City! I was out in San Fran (such an awesome town) for a little over 4 months this year doing the world premiere of this great show! We had such a blast! Tales is this great story based on the books by Armistead Maupin. The music was done by the Scissor Sisters (amazing glam rock band…check them out if you don’t know them! They are fierce) And the book is by Jeff Whitty who wrote Ave Q. Directed by Jason Moore who also directed Ave Q…it’s a great team all around and such a talented cast. It has a lot of potential and I think it will have a life sometime in the future. I had a blast playing crazy Connie Bradshaw. I was a total spaz and it it was fun every night letting my goof out. ;-)

So I guess that’s it for now. Happy Holidays to you all and a very happy new year! 2011 was such an incredible year for me. I’m so blessed and grateful. Thank you as always for your support and please stay tuned for album release info and I hope to see you all there!!! It’s gonna be exciting!

All love! Xo Jules