January 23, 2014

Well. To say life has changed is an understatement. ;-) I am a MOTHER! It's amazing and crazy. My baby girl, Ellery Tune Bennett, is incredible. She was born on November 13, 2012...hence my lack of blogging. She keeps me really busy!

Birth and pregnancy was a crazy ride. Baby girl came three weeks early and it was a wild time. My biggest lesson learned is that you cannot control everything. Life...and especially giving birth to a child...is all about letting go and being flexible with change. She has already taught me so much. She is the joy of my life and I love her so much!!

I have been slowly getting back into work. I started doing my "Wicked Divas" concerts when she was 10 weeks old. Sure was interesting doing a concert with her downstairs and feeding her at intermission or hearing her crying from the side of the stage. Tricky stuff. But it has been fun toting her around to concerts and having family along to spend time with her. Now she's old enough to stay home so that is a double edge sword. I really don't like being away from her. It's like they say....when you have a kid your entire perspective changes....so although I love my work, I really don't like being away from my daughter. But it's also a welcome couple of days for a nice break and some Mama time. So work is still fun...but she is my favorite job right now for sure. ;-)

I did a fun spot on one of my favorite TV shows "The Americans" last month so make sure to check that out. I play Christy Tanner, the neighbor. I got to wear fabulous 80's clothes and have big hair. Everyone was super sweet and it was a great time.

I want to say more, but I'm pooped.