April 25, 2010

As many of you know already, I booked “The Last Five Years” in The Berkshire Theatre Festival. I am so excited for this! This is a dream role of mine and I really wanted this gig. I am over the moon that I booked it and that I get to play in the Berkshires and sing Jason Robert Brown. Doesn't get better than that! Hope some of you can come out! Right now I'm about to finish up a reading of “The Little Hours” at Playwrights Horizons. This is an interesting and challenging piece. It's based on the writings of Dorothy Parker and I'm so glad I was introduced to her through this. She was such a witty and smart woman writer. Very important in her time. Check her out. Another reading I just finished is “Jawbreaker The Musical.” So funny!! This is a great film from the 90s. I played the Rebecca Gayheart character of Julie. It's just pure dark comedy. You're jaw drops a few times, but I like that they are pushing the limits. I think it has a lot of promise. Hopefully work will continue on that. It was a lot of fun! I sang with Carner and Gregor again which was great. They're so terrific! And I did a podcast for them too, so stay tuned for that. If you're a singer check out their stuff. I also sang with the Broadway South Africa crew again and I've been trying to get more involved with them for a while. I'm finally onboard for real! I just love the work they do and I've wanted to help out for a while, so stay tuned for more stuff involving BSA.

ALBUM! It's coming along…slowly, but surely. The way I see it, it is better done right then fast (although I'm itching to have it in my hands!!) But the game is on. We have just been busy with other projects, so the key is keeping it a priority. James Sampliner (my musical director) and I have started work and we are coming up with some awesome arrangments! It's such fun sitting in the room and throwing ideas around and seeing what we end up with. Creativity is abundant and it feels awesome! I just want to keep it rollin! So trust it's happening and it's gonna ROCK! Working working! So stay tuned for the new site coming up within the next couple months. Thanks as always for all the support and love you give me! Enjoy the spring and I'll be back soon…