May 7, 2007

So many of you have asked what happened so here's the story. I know  I was originally only doing both shows Saturday, but Eden wasn't  feeling well on Thursday.  I was downstairs eating my dinner and all  of a sudden our SM came and told me I "needed to get green right now!  Eden wasn't finishing the show."  As a standby, you are at the  theatre each night incase something like this happens, but you do not sit around in the make up....some people thought I might be green each night. backstage ;) ....not so. But I did get green REALLY fast and I was on stage after "Popular.  It was half way through Act 1, so I was a bit thrown, but adrenalin kicks in and you just go!  It was a bit of an out of body experience I'd say. It was my third time being on, so I wasn't quite settled yet anyway and  I've never been thrown on mid show, so it was really strange!  But luckily I had sung "The  Wiz and I" downstairs and was a bit warmed up, and everyone on stage is so great and supportive....I just slid right in! I learned after  the show that the most everyone in the audience had no idea a change had occurred. Half the people outside didn't even notice that a different person had walked on after 'Popular.'  That's crazy to me  that they wouldn't notice, but I guess that's a good thing? ;) was great fun.  I ended up continuing on and doing Friday night, both shows Saturday as planned, and then Sunday  matinee. Eden is all better and was back for the Sunday night show.

It was wonderful to get a run at this role!  As an actor, it means a lot to get a groove and have some time to sit in a role and live it.  It felt amazing! The audience is was so supportive and I'm so grateful for that.  As a standby, I know people are sometimes coming specifically to see the original cast, so I appreciate everyone hanging in there and taking the ride with ME.  Thanks for all the emails and coming to support me! It really felt amazing and I'm just so grateful to be here!! Thanks everybody! Can't wait for next time!!

Also...check out my "YourLA" show that I did. I was a guest host on a  news program here in L.A. It was such fun!! I got to explore Swedish L.A.  And no, I'm not Swedish, I'm Norweigan....but I've been to Stockholm.  :)  I got to eat food, wear clogs and meet a celebrity designer. I felt very L.A...... :)  Check it out, click clips..... enjoy........