October 13, 2010

Hey everybody. ;-)  I know I usually just talk business on this thing, but I gotta say that I am currently watching the Chilean miners being rescued. They have been working throughout the night saving these 33 men that were trapped for 69 days. I was so happy to wake to see that they are still successfully rescuing them. It's such a moving story to me and throughout their time under ground trapped, I have really used this story to ground me and check me back to reality. Whenever I was upset or stressing over something that felt huge to me, but in the bigger picture was quite simple, all I had to do was remind myself that I wasn't one of the trapped miners and remember what they were going through. I think they are so brave and it has really reminded me not to take things for granted. I just hope that all of us, including myself, don't forget this story too quickly. In this day and age we tend to forget news stories within 24 hours when the next tragedy happens, but I think this story is a powerful tool to stay present in our current lives and remind ourselves how lucky we are and how not to stress the little things.  And we have a lot of little things to stress in this business ;-)

On another note, I'm still in Philly. We are in our last weeks of "Curtains."  I've had such fun playing Niki Harris. Most of you know me as a belter,  but I was classically trained and sang opera all through college.  Niki is far from opera ;-).... but it's just been fun to revisit my legit roots and do an old school Broadway musical.  And I guess it's gone well because I've been asked to stay on to play Betty in "White Christmas."  I was anxious to get home to my boy and NYC, but I've decided to stay.  I do love my holidays and I think it will be a blast to be doing "White Christmas" during the holidays.  I'm excited to sing some classic tunes and get back to my jazz roots too. I used to sing lots of jazz as well. I had my own trio that I gigged around town  singing standards and jazz tunes. So I'm looking forward to that and starting a new project. Hope some of you can make it down for that.

I am still working on the album for those of you that have been asking. It's been tough to keep a tight schedule on it when me and my musical director keep doing other projects that put us in the different towns, but that's gonna change come January. We are scheduling some sessions to get this thing DONE!  So the work is on and I'm so excited to get back to rockin on that.  In the meantime I want to get a cabaret going here in Philly so that I can do some of my music and scream my face off a little. All this legit stuff has got me wanting to belt a little. ;-)  So if we get that going I will be sure to post it up so hopefully some of you can come down for that.

All for now. And when something simple upsets you or you're feeling bad, just think of the Chilean miner's story and take a look at the sky and take a deep breath.  Life is all good. Be grateful. ;-)