February 13, 2011

It's new blog time!! Finally!! ;-)

So first of all check out the Carner and Gregor new podcast! They are terrific songwriters that I've worked with a lot and I was their special guest on their latest podcast. I even play one of my tunes on guitar. Good times! Check it out here.

Ok...now to life. I am finally home from Philly. I felt like I was away forever, but it was all worth it. I had a wonderful time at The Walnut Street. Great people, great productions and a great city. "Curtains" was a good time and I got to tap dance and be an ingenue (in my own quirky Nikki way) ;-)  So that was a fun change from my usual gigs. "White Christmas" was my favorite though of the two. I loved being Betty and I loved singing Berlin. And my costumes!! It was so fun to dress up every night in such fabulousness. Also, doing that show during the holiday has this special energy to it. You can feel how sentimental everyone is around that time and to come out at the end and see people cuddling closer to their loved ones,  crying or jumping to their feet with joy. It was really special.

And it got extra special on my final performance. I got a VERY big surprise during the final curtain call. We were all told that the 10!Show of Philly, the local new program that I had sung on earlier to promote the show, was going to be shooting our final curtain call. No one really understood why, but people kept saying that Bernard, the producer, wanted to thank the community because it was the best selling holiday show in the Walnut's history. So we all just went along with it.

So final curtain call came and my co-star, Jeff Coon, said "And now for one final guest."  Expecting Bernard to come out, I turned upstage and walking down center comes my man Rob Bennett dressed in a santa suit (to match the other guys.)  I just about fell over.

I immediately started hysterically crying because I knew exactly what he was up to.  The rest is a blur of joy and tears and love. It was just incredible.  The best way to describe it really is to just watch it!   Luckily I have the ENTIRE thing on tape!!  And here's a little taste for you. This is our appearance on the 10!Show the next morning!  Click here to watch.

I still can't believe he pulled it all off! It was quite the amazing ending to a long run in Philly. And now I am happily engaged to the love of my life and planning my wedding for October. Grateful!  ;-))

In other news...MY ALBUM!! We are cookin folks!  Throughout this entire year James Sampliner and I, my musical director, have been getting together whenever we can. We basically had a month here, a couple weeks there. I realized, looking back on my year, that I was away pretty much all year! I played some amazing roles, but I was all over the place. So it was hard to really get a lot of work done on the album, but remarkably we did get a lot done. We have one more tune to do and we are planning on being in the studio THIS MARCH!! Woohooo!!!  So keep your fingers crossed that everything falls into place and everyone is available and we get this puppy down on tape!  Once that's done then we can mix, master and get it printed up for you all! I am hard at work on getting this done and I'm really hoping I can have an album release party by Christmas! Maybe even earlier.

And about the album. It's a little of everything. A lot like my solo shows I've done, it has everything from Jason Robert Brown to Chaka Khan and now some of my original tunes too. It won't be what you expect because it's not the normal musical theatre girl album. But I'm hoping you enjoy it and we are VERY excited and proud of the work we've done.  I have to thank in advance Mr. Jack Sharkey because he is really the one that is making this all possible. So you will be hearing me thanking "Jack" a lot...so just know that's Mr. Sharkey I'm talking about and I'm VERY grateful for his support! Without him this would not be happening!

As for other things coming up...I have a couple things in the hopper. Not announcing anything yet, but I will be up to something very soon. Keep you posted. And also, I really wanted to get a solo show in. Not sure it will happen right away now with all this wedding planning going on,  but it's on the docket. So know I'm working on it and want to get out there ASAP!

As always....thanks to all of you for the support and love you give me! Best fans ever!

Onward...talk again soon! xo Jules