May 17, 2008

So….my first day on performance contract in the Broadway company of WICKED and guess what?... I got to perform!! Woohoo! Lets hope this is a trend!   And as of today I've been on twice now. I got to perform this afternoon as well.
So usually before you go on for the first time you get what's called a “put in.”  That's a rehearsal where you get costumes, lights, sound and tech.  As most of you know I was thrown on in L.A. before I got a rehearsal.  It was very exciting and luckily I didn't fall on my face!  But I will say this tends to be a running theme for me.  I was thrown on in RENT with no rehearsal and Tuesday night I had dejavu once again!  I had my debut as Elphaba on the Bdway stage… and my “put in” at the same time.   It's actually fine with me, especially in this circumstance of having played the role before.  There are some changes in the Broadway company, but not too many, so I actually felt quite at ease and ready to go… and very excited of course because you all know I love to work!

I just have to say what a wonderful company this is here in NY.   This is just an amazing group of people.   They are so welcoming and supportive! Everyone has been behind me and helping me out every time I've been on stage.   They've all been telling me how scary I am on stage… which is a good thing in this role at times I think.   It's just felt amazing to have such a supportive team around you when you are taking your first swing at it.  I've had a blast!   And I've gotten to play with two Glinda's that were both fresh on the gig too which makes it so fun!   Kendra, the woman playing Glinda on Tuesday, was having her first night back to the company.   She is just brilliant and we had so much fun together!    We just played off each other and I will say I had a hard time keeping it together at times… she is hysterical!   Then today it was Lindsay, who was going on for her 3rd time ever.   She is such a sweetheart and so talented! It was such fun being on with her.

I've gotten some emails asking me about any snaffos or drama I had going on and really the only major goof I had was on Tuesday night.    In L.A. after you melt you get escorted off stage in the dark by a crew member.   Well… the other night I melted just like usual, but no one came to get me.   So I stood up and was checking out my two wing options for exit… wing one or wing two??   Which to choose?   Well… in L.A. we exited wing two, so I headed on out thinking I was good to go when BAM!  A drape was coming in and the bar at the bottom of it came crashing down on my shoulder!   Arrgghh!!   I was totally fine and the first thing out of my mouth was “Well… I guess it's wing one then.”   So I learned my lesson and like I said, some things are different here than in L.A.  And the crew here is so great that today throughout the show I had three different crew members remind me that the exit out of that scene is wing one.   Good peeps!

So thank you, as always, for all the amazing support and emails you send me.  It means a lot! I'm so happy to be getting green again. Till next time….