May 5, 2008

Hey everybody. So…as many of you know I've joined the Broadway company of WICKED.   I swear… you fans are so on top of it! I was getting emails and posts before I even signed my contract!   But yes… it is true and I'm very happy to be green again.  I am there for 5 months as of now to cover Lisa's departure to the Chicago company and no…. I do not know what will happen after that.   So many of you are asking me if I'm taking over for Kerry and I know nothing… but can't hurt to keep your fingers crossed.

So… what have I been doing since I left WICKED LA?   Well… I was chillin in Hawaii for a bit with my family, I've been enjoying being home in my apartment, doing a lot of yoga, playing a lot of guitar, playing a lot of frisbee in the park, singing in some benefits and concerts… just keeping busy and enjoying myself.   I am so very happy to be home. I did enjoy L.A. , but there's no place like New York City , so I'm just very grateful to be home and with my friends and my apartment again.

I'll write more when I get into the show and I have some fun stories and such. Thanks again for all the support you have all given me!   Enjoy the spring and catch ya next time!